Album/Location: House of Blues, Boston. Foundation Room, Boston, MA
Date: March 17, 2012.
Reviewer: Bluebird Press
Backing/Headlining Band:  FBI/ Farren Butcher Inc
Photo Credits: Bluebird Press

“FBI told stories all night. They gave the history of "Fool In Love" being their first MTV hit.
Jon offered a song out to his favorite bass player, Leland Sklar, who played with him in the band Barefoot Servants.
Jon Butcher wrote two songs for the film, Dead Wood, and "Bound For Glory," was the first of the pair he played tonight.
Otto Lenz of Ottomatic Slim was welcomed to the stage to the delight of the crowd.
This harp aficionado offered depth and texture to "Heaven On a Railroad Line" from FBI's latest release.
The audience was drawn in, sang it out loud, and the set was ended with Charlie and Otto doing a call and response acoustic vs. harp jam !!!”

Photo and Article from Bluebird Review March 17, 2012
Pictured From Left to Right Jon Butcher, Ottomatic Slim/Otto Lenz, Charlie Farren
FarrenButcherInc  :Photo Courtesy and Property of Bluebird Press
Album/Location: Hanover Theater, Worcester, MA
Date: April 26, 2013
Reviewer:  A.J. Wachtel / The Noise, Boston
Backing/Headlining Band: The Jon Butcher Axis
Photo Credits: Natasha Lenz

"Jon walks on stage and solos with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” which jet sets into “Ocean In Motion” quickly and unexpectedly. The crowd goes wild. Then “New Man,” “Life Takes A Life,” “Like A Rolling
Stone” with the audience singing along to “How does it feel? This all accompanied by Jon’s soaring Stratocaster leads. Then the Hendrix part of the night continues with great versions of “Foxy Lady,” “Red
House,” and “Spanish Castle Magic.” “Holy War” follows with it’s great line, “Love is all I’m asking for,” which the crowd screams along with.
No doubt about it: Jon is still an exploding guitarist a la Jimi and an unparalleled showman.
Harp player Otto Lenz is brought up for a tight cover of Tampa Red’s “It Hurts Me Too.”"
Jon Butcher and Ottomatic Slim/Otto Lenz - Hanover Theater, Worcester, MA
Photo Property of Ottomatic Slim
Location/Album: Ottomatic Slim
Date: Multiple
Reviewer: All Music Guide Review by Alex Henderson
Backing/Headlining Band: Ottomatic Slim
Rating 3 1/2 of 5 Stars
iTunes 3

All Music Guide Review -
"Anyone who really knows blues history should have no problem figuring out how singer/harmonica player Otto Lenz came up with the name Ottomatic Slim; obviously a play on Automatic Slim, a character in
the Willie Dixon standard "Wang Dang Doodle" (recorded by Koko Taylor, Howlin' Wolf and others) one of those classics that really defined the Chess Records...when Lenz calls himself Ottomatic Slim
Ottomatic's work is far from a carbon copy of the amplified Chicago blues. . .
This is a noteworthy effort that illustrates Ottomatic's ability to combine blues, rock, soul and funk..."
~ Alex Henderson: 3 1/2 Stars!
With High praise to Ottomatic Slim's album on All Music Guide received 3 1/2 Stars
Location/Album: Ottomatic Slim
Date: Multiple
Reviewer: Maine Blues Society
Backing/Headlining Band: Ottomatic Slim

"Frontman Otto Lenz is a world-class harp blower."
Location/Album: Ottomatic Slim/Alaska/Blues For My Brother
Date: Multiple
Reviewer:  UK's Blues Instrumentalist of The Year Son Henry
Backing/Headlining Band: Son Henry/Ottomatic Slim

"Otto's the best harmonica player I know, period."
Location/Album:  Ottomatic Slim
Date: Multiple
Reviewer:  Blues Matters
Backing/Headlining Band:  Ottomatic Slim

Blues Matters - "Otto's tracks should be used as a harmonica clinic for anyone serious about the instrument."
Location/Album:  Ottomatic Slim
Date: Multiple
Reviewer:  Dirty Linen
Backing/Headlining Band:  Ottomatic Slim

Described Otto's Playing as: "tongue twisting"
Location/Album:  Ottomatic Slim
Date: Multiple
Reviewer:  Blues Revue
Backing/Headlining Band:  Ottomatic Slim

Blues Revue - Describes Otto's Playing as "Top Notch"
Location/Album: Ottomatic Slim
Date: Multiple
Reviewer:  Blues Audience
Backing/Headlining Band:  Ottomatic Slim

Blues Audience - describes Otto's Playing and Performances: "his wild dance floor antics and powerful stage performances, "Masterful"!"

*Their album titled "Ottomatic Slim" hit Billboard Ranks. On Release The Album Sold Out of 2 Full Factory Production runs!  
The album has enjoyed Airplay on National Commercial Radio, Internet and Satellite Radio, as well as College and National Public Broadcasting Stations
Ottomatic Slim Album Cover
of Ottomatic Slim by Student and Courtesy of world renowned Artist  Mr. Jack Coughlin
Photo Art Property of Ottomatic Slim
Reviews for Otto Lenz Solo and Special Guest Appearances and with his band Ottomatic Slim, live shows and Recordings
Location/Album: London Jazz Fest, London, UK - Quebec, CA - Northampton, MA, USA - Millers Falls, MA, USA - New Hampshire, USA
Date: Multiple/ Latest Date: May 2015
Reviewer: The Phantom MXX Bleu Underground and Tsu Ng
Backing/Headlining Band: Ottomatic Slim

"Everyone Wants it!
Ottomatic Slim Has it!"
"IT . . .  THE Front Porch Americana Roots Blues. The True Americans, The Originators of the Blues Culture call it home.  
Many tried to Borrow It, Steal It.  The urban glean. They couldn't play what they Heard and Loved so they changed the form of what the originators had to Fight to play in bars and clubs with windows covered
or blacked out.
I say "It" is True Grit! That Smoky, Heavy, Raw, in-your-face Rock-Blues!  With No Excuses! And Ottomatic Slim not only
has It, he gets It!
"It"...Just Is!
I have only one question
"Who can touch the sound that is Ottomatic Slim?"
So far I have only one, but very forward Answer -
No one, yet!
A True grit of his own, but with that same, raunchy, grinding, greasy, dirty harp playing sound.  
His is a sound others try to mimic, as they have often
tried to mimic the founders of the craft!
Few come close but very few, if any compare.
Go and Listen to what "it's" Really supposed to sound like!"
"Seeing Ottomatic Slim at the London Jazz Fest was The Best Thing I Could have Experienced!"
- Tsu Ng. X - US / Shanghai / UK
(Review from April 2015 - MXX Phantom Bleu Underground Underdog / CO / UK)
"What one does not understand, One fears and will Destroy."
- (Chief Dan George) 

*After many years and thousands of reviews of the what The Phantom refers to as Underdog Performers. The band or artist who is consistently, and sometimes purposely overlooked, and kept down by so called
"fellow artists", those artists with contracts or labels, who are afraid of the Underdog's, as they are gifted, true, soulful, artists who were born with this rare raw talent.  The Phantom and his team will be finishing
their world touring reviews in Australia, March 2016.  We hope our reviews have helped promote awareness of the Underdog Artists all over the world! Thank you for sharing your art with and making the world a
funkier place!  -Peace, The Phantom, Bleu Underground Underdog, MXX and Tsu Ng
Ottomatic Slim / Otto Lenz- Quebec Maximum Blues Festival
Photo Property of
Ottomatic Slim


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Location/ Album: Midnight Service Call
Date: 2016
Reviewer: Blues Matters
Backing/Headlining Band: The Wildacat O'Halloran Band

Another blues album combining searing guitar work with the lyrics that you would expect about women, love lost, hardship and being misunderstood.
The blues-harp (Ottomatic Slim) is sharp as any alley cat of Cross Eyed Cat and the beat hits a groove that has a menace that reflects the lyrics “leave my girlfriend alone”; entertaining blues that certainly
entertains with a vibe that personifies Chicago inspired blues...

Location/Album: Midnight Service Call
Date: 2016
Reviewer: Melanie Young, Living Blues Magazine
Backing/Headlining Band: The Wildcat O'Halloran Band

Here's a Clip of the review including a bit of Ottomatic Slim's part (Thanks Wildcat O'Halloran)
"...the seething What Part of Broken Up could be its answer song.B. B. King’s Sweet Little Angel gets a lengthy, leisurely workout, punctuated by crackling fretwork. The title track is a funny, funky roadhouse
**Ottomatic Slim blows some scalding harp licks here on Take or Leave and on Muddy Waters’ Cross Eyed Cat.
The band brings out the blues in the Jimi Hendrix rocker Can U See Me and the Animals’ version of Misunderstood... 97% amusingly calls out blues musicians who don’t “give it all [they] got”: “You’re why
97% of Americans think the blues suck,” O’Halloran sings, then at the end he hopes that same percentage “don’t think this here song sucks.” He takes a solo turn on Nobody’s Perfect, and his gentle picking
and vocals close the album on a quietly optimistic note.
With plenty of good-time grooves to spare, the Wildcat O’Halloran Band’s Midnight Service Call is worth ringing up."
Album/Location: Special Guest at City Sports Pub, Northampton, MA
Date: March 2016
Reviewer: The Dusty Turntable, Jimm O'Donnell
Backing/Headlining Band: Wildcat O'Halloran

This guy wails! ~ quite literally, in fact. Same can be said of 'most any musical entity, I suppose, and often is- especially in the case(s) of lead guitarist; you know, like "whoa man, dat ol' Joe Dulude, he really
WAAAILS like a maw-faw!) A singer might be said to wail as well, we can s'pose; but that ain't necessarily so good a thing to have said, if you're the singer... less'n maybe it's opera yer into.
This dude though, this OttomaticSlim feller, he's a harp player. Forget the opera chop; he plays blues harp. Prolly better'n most, plus he sings real good too; and he has a pretty cool look. Kinda like a hep-cat
James Montgomery, but like cooler; more laid-back and casual. We got some excellent harp players around here... like, I can NOT imagine what the outcome would be if Otto and, say, Wally Greaney, and
some others of them-thar upper-echelon blues-blowers all got together (at the Watetfront, maybe?) and had 'em one o' them ole-style "Battle of the Bands" -type affairs. Tell ya what, though ... can'tcha just
see the spittle sailin' thru the air? Talk about humidity! As far as the competition, though... I'd make one prediction. Even lay money on it, I would- if I had any:
No matter 'bout weiners and lizards in this scenario; any of the usual contests and conflicts couldn't continue in this context, not past a minute or two anyway- too much enjoyment and cameraderie to be had
here within this top-tier peer-group, here among these bastions of musical gigantitude.... Fun to think about, tho, ain't it?